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Why TecheHelp ?

With increasing dependency on the computer and its technology, no user can imagine a day without these technical products. These gadgets have made our life easier but in order to take the best of benefits out of these making them to work properly, it is important that you operate them properly for getting consistent performance out of them. This uniform speed and performance can be attained by maintaining your system regularly. Failing to do so will make your computer work slow. Now, you don’t need to deal with odd computer and router problems, as TecheHelp is here to provide the best online technical support to wretched computer users. Our online live support technicians are qualified technical experts. As most of the problems are software related, we can easily handle them fixing the problems remotely using our safe, secure and proprietary technology without any requirement of leaving home. There is no requirement of plugging out the computer and sending it for repairing, the issue can be solved on the spot by just a call.

Our mission

Our focus remains in making the technology easy and simple to operate providing our customers with advanced computer tech support services within affordable prices. We understand the fact that we people are completely dependent on the computers and when these computers start troubling us, it becomes intolerable. That is the reason for which we are here.

Why Choose Us ?

There are many other companies that offers the online computer support services, but they are unable to satisfy their customers resulting in clients’ loss of time and money. But, we are here to provide you the world-class services, anytime you need. We have a team of Microsoft Certified Technical Engineers and have customized all our services according to customer's need. We have achieved this peak of progress through our unique structure that combines advanced support with superior assistance and a class of service that is envy of our competitors.

Our Skills

  • Network Support ( 78% )

  • Software Support ( 97% )

  • System Support ( 81% )

  • Device Support ( 89% )

What We Do ?

We support all the major brands available in the market for computers, routers and printers. At our TecheHelp online Support services,
we provide support for the following:

  • wifi-support
  • system-support
  • virus-support
Windows Support

We provide a common platform to get quick solutions to common problem related with windows updating and installation. We are the trouble-shooters. Any issue related to windows or any version of windows that is becoming difficult to handle then you need not to worry and you can directly contact us. We will be happy to serve you.

System Support

We provide online Tech Support for complete optimization and repairing your PC, Installing and upgrading , for data back-up and storage, Authentication issues, Driver installation and solution for PC compatibility. We offer online scan and system recovery, Windows and software updates. If you any system related support, we are always there to help you up.

Router Support

Have you ever been stuck with connecting, reconnecting and shuffling the settings of your PC and Internet router frequently still being unable to find a surefire way to connect it? Next time whenever your internet router troubles you with settings or any other technical issue then you can contact us and we can guide you with complete IT technical support for router issues.

Virus Removal Support

Virus sounds like a threat for life of any device or PC. Let your machine run smoothly with optimization to enhance speed and efficiency with our Virus Removal Support. It always becomes confusing to choose an anti-virus for the PC then setting it up. We assist you in such a way , so that you handle the antivirus operation by yourself very easily.

Printer Support

Printers are the most complicated to set, connect and operate. Usually you spend hours to set your printer and feel it difficult then don’t worry we are here , just call us and our supportive team will set up the printer within half an hour and you can delightfully intended to supplement your way of life.

Wi-Fi Support

Wi-Fi connection is one of the most common technical troubles these days. We offer you the router or a mobile wifi dongle which resolve your problem. Always resetting the password , security issues etc will came to an end.

TecheHelp For Your PC

TecheHelp is one of the finest IT support companies which depicts non-stop online computer support services. We provide technical support services for computers and peripherals to individual consumers and businesses. We have our prime focus on making technology simpler by offering turnkey IT support services.

TecheHelp computer support experts have been the premiere source of IT consulting services for businesses. TecheHelp, being an IT support company provides dedicated IT support service to thousands of clients across the globe. Whether your business needs a PC tech support expert, IT consultant or a system engineer, TecheHelp is a smart choice for computer help. We handle all tech issues, right from computer optimization to complex virus removals that also includes comprehensive diagnostic, repair and device installation. TecheHelp is dedicated to provide solutions for home and business, using efficient network tools. If you want to run your PC like a new one then contact TecheHelp to fix simple to complex PC technical issues within the least time required.

Anytime Any problem… just contact us to resolve any technical issue. For taking TecheHelp, you just need to follow a simple procedure:


Connect through any of the contact source given on the website.


Communicate and discuss any technical issue with our expert technician.


Get support and solve the technical issue or trouble that you are facing.

Contact Us

TecheHelp 1039 Clay St San Francisco, CA 94108 USA. • Email:- info@techehelp.com

Please provide us with a description of the issue you are having, when and how often does it occur, when did it start, have you recently loaded anything on to your computer, how long has it been happening, etc. The more you can tell us about the issue, the faster we can fix it.